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Nicolas Montgermont - Winter of Protest

A mix of field recordings made during the protests in France in 2019 - 2020, extracts of philosophers and original music composition by artist Nicolas Montgermont.

Why the Right To Protest Matters

In a podcast from ARTICLE 19’s series Boundaries of Expression, journalist and editor Jo Glanville talks to Patricia Meléndez, head of civic space at ARTICLE 19, Gully Bujak, action planner at Extinction Rebellion, and Glacier Kwong, a political activist from Hong Kong about the threats to protest and how to protect a fundamental democratic right. ARTICLE 19 is an international human rights organisation that works to defend and promote freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide.

From Protests To Movements

No matter how big they are, protests alone do not create political change. They must be nurtured into something more enduring: a movement. Movements are neither protests nor organizations.  Ivan Marovic cut his teeth as a student activist in Serbia in the 1990s and as a leader of the Optor movement that brought down Slobodan Milosevic. Since then, he has worked with dissidents and movements all over the world. In this podcast Marovic talks about the importance of skill-building for movements.

The Journey To Jazz and Human Rights

Four part, 2020 documentary with each episode focussing on the role of jazz in the fight for human rights: jazz’s role in the fight for civil rights, in economic rights and in women’s rights, and the music’s deployment around the world as a cultural weapon.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

Tse Tse Fly Middle East - Intro
(This Is Kafala)

This is the opening track on Tse
Tse Fly Middle East's 2020 album '
This Is Kafala'
 that intends to draw
attention to the kafala system of
modern slavery used by human
rights abusing regimes to control
migrant workers in the Middle East. 

Human Rights & the Qatar World Cup 

Journalist Philip O'Connor talks to Finland football team captain Tim Sparv about the horrifying conditions suffered by migrant workers in Qatar. 

Laith Marouf 

Laith Marouf is a lifelong activist and journalist campaigning for Palestinian rights and an end to Zionism.

Kevin Logan - The Riot Act

Originally produced for a video work made in response to the riots of 2011 that took place in the UK, the reading of the text for 'The Riot Act' was sourced from the LibriVox website (acoustical liberation of books). LibriVox asks volunteers to record chapters of books in the public domain and then releases the audio files back onto the net for free.

Saint Abdullah - Pluto's Porn

Formed by brothers, Mohammad and Mehdi Mehrabani-Yeganeh, raised primarily in the West, away from their family in Iran, Saint Abdullah is designed somewhat as an introduction to a different palette of sounds, creating a charged and anxious, but still assertive mixture of minimalist dub and Iranian samples. 'Plutos Porn' is taken from the 'Where Do We Go, Now? album and addresses the plight of the Uyghur Muslims in China.

Dante Tanzi - Contemporary Waves

Contemporary Waves is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea; it is an invitation to decipher reality, to refine the inner gaze, to glimpse a common horizon beyond chaos, even if many subjectivities seem to be confused and fractured by impending tragic events. The Mediterranean, one of the places where some of the oldest civilizations in the world originated, has now become the scene of the drama of refugees and migrants fleeing or expatriating to survive.

Fifteen Minutes of Fascism

Fifteen Minutes of Fascism is a sadly topical podcast covering the global rise of the radical right. This episodes looks at the history of fascism, where it started and what it means. 

The Right to Housing

Leilani Farha explains how the right to housing is a human right that is critical to a person’s health, dignity, safety, inclusion and contribution to their community. 


Episode of the UN Human Rights podcast discussing how finding common ground can help deepen mutual understanding and empathy, build bridges, and help to identify and open spaces for migrant voices to be heard.

Internet Shutdowns

Podcast episode outlining the tactics authoritarian regimes have used to impose internet shutdowns, and explores the many consequences they hold.

Women's Rights in Ethiopia

Anchinesh Shiferaw speaks about her research in the area of women's land rights in Ethiopia.

Gaming & Activism

A panel discussion on how gaming can become an avenue for activism. 

The Worst Mankind - Your World And Our World

"The world is yours, as well as ours, but in the last analysis, it is yours. You young people, full of vigor and vitality, are in the bloom of life, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. Our hope is placed on you..." a great revolutionary said.

How Powerful Sounds of Protest Amplify Resistance

Podcast episode from The Conversation in which Vinita Srivastava speaks with Nimalan Yoganathan and Norman W. Long about how sound is a crucial element of resistance.

Radio Khiaban

Radio Khiaban is an online platform dedicated to Iranian women reclaiming public spaces. The series reflects on how women can overcome arcane laws in the country, and take part in frowned-upon activities like singing in public, cycling and dancing. 

Sly & the Family Drone

Taken from the 'Walk It Dry' album, 'Dead Cat Chaos Magician' could be about of the current clowns vying to run for power. Sly & the Family Drone are one of the globe's finest purveyors of skronked electronics, bulging noise blasts, wailing sax & Kalashnikov drums.

Dante Tanzi

Inspired by events after the occupation of Gezi Park (May 2013, Istanbul, Turkey) Tanzi's composition provides a narrative and includes the sounds of clashes, spread through a social network.

'Sundried Politics' is about the Middle East politics that just go nowhere, and eventually dry out.  The first part of a trilogy, this track is about Palestine. The neglect of the Palestinians by global governments. The apartheid system of the failed, illegal Israeli state against the Palestinian people, and the systematic uprooting, displacement and ethnic cleansing, and erasure of Palestinian land and identity that is being intentionally ignored by even the closest nations in the region.  An improvised piece, it's presented as it was recorded - multiple parts recorded in one go. Woven together. A voice by instruments. Frustration, anger, and outbursts of rage. There are calculated spontaneous moments, some sort of organised chaos in the midst of it. It simmers in a drony bath.

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